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How does DP effect your cognitive functioning? I'm constantly going in circles in my head about the fact that I might have something more severe than DP. I'm gonna make a short list of what I've been experiencing in hopes someone can relate.

  • difficulty finding words to say in most convos
  • short term memory is pretty much non existent
  • difficulty reading/typing
  • speaking takes a lot of effort
  • uncoordinated movement
  • very blank mind (to the point of not even thinking about DP much anymore)
  • sometimes it feels like I actually can't see even though my eyes are open (not taking in anything from surroundings)
-overall "lifeless" feeling

I know some of these are hallmark signs of classic DPDR but I don't see much on the forums about people having trouble speaking/moving. I've been to my normal doc and a psychiatrist and got sent home with an anxiety/depression diagnosis. If anyone's had these same symptoms, please let me know so I can get it thru my head that I don't have something serious going on.
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