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Coffee and DP

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Hey all... anyone else notice that the boost they get from drinking coffee makes them feel more alive and less zombie-like? Without drinking coffee I feel half asleep or like half of my brain has been removed. On the downside, the anxiety it gives me is unpleasant and makes my DR worse.
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university girl said:
Sebastian, your brain works half as fast after having a coffee? If you have increased anxiety from coffee (having had more than one cup- me too!), is your DR worse? In what ways are you a vegetable without coffee? Thanks.
Uni Girl, i have a tough time distinguishing the difference between what DP and DR actually are. I know that sounds foolish but it's true. I guess what it is, is that i'm much more "pumped up" into reality, whereby i'm much more interested in very practical tasks, as opposed to drifting off into DP induced contemplations. But the anxiety does go up and if i were to have another that practical "pump up" would become hazardous, in the sense that my mind would race too much.

Without a coffee, i just feel tired and stupid. It's the way the brain adapts to it (I don't think it was Sci. Am. Homeskooled, but it was one of those science magazines). If you are a coffee drinker who has had their "fix" you are much quicker mentally than if you're a coffee drinker who hasn't, and even quicker than those who don't drink coffee (for a short period of time that is).

That being said, i'm off to get a coffee now...mmmm...

Dear Sebastian,
You could very well be right. I've always wanted to write for National Geographic, but its got to be one of the most competitive magazines in the world to write for. I'd love to be the editor that doles out stories to the freelancers. How do they come up with these topics? Go write about the wild cave men of Borneo and Check out the Bat Caves of Sumatra....Anyways, coffee is good for you, but caffeine doesnt seem to be. One to two cups a day of coffee protects against certain cancers. Go higher than that, and the risks outweigh the benefits.

Homeskooled said:
Dear Sebastian,
Anyways, coffee is good for you, but caffeine doesnt seem to be. One to two cups a day of coffee protects against certain cancers.
Is this true? I've never heard this mentioned before. Where did you hear this?


A study done about 2 or 3 year years ago found that people who drank one or two cups daily had less colon cancer than people who didnt. Its thought that something unique to coffee, not the caffiene, is at work. A study done this year showed that those people also had a lower risk of liver cancer. You can probably just Google these studies. I read them in my daily fretting over medical journals to figure out what the heck is wrong with me.

Martin, the fact that I have to murder you is both legally dubious, morally ambiguous, and psychologically cathartic
Only legally 'dubious ? What country do you live in ? The Solomon Islands ? Oh, hang on, I forget...America, where I would have no rights as a human being, as an Atheist. :lol:

Hee hee. Next time I get my passport renewed I'm going to put my occupation down as 'Professional Atheist' and see if I can get into America.
i work at starbucks part time so i have a lot of access to coffee but i have decided that coffee (or the caffeine) makes my dr much worse. it also makes me a bit panicky. i do drink tea, occasionally.
Don't you guys remember the papers that was posted here a few months ago about the substance knowned to induce DP DR ?

Coffee was one of them...and it is clearly knowned that coffee even at low dosage is creating anxiety.
They even use it in Hospitals to induce panic attacks to people for researches...
Drink coffee if ya want, but gosh, don't complain about having DP DR :shock:

And if you think you actually NEED coffee to wake up or to function normally it's only because you're addicted, never forget that coffee is a drug.
Similar to cigarette, in the way that you have symptoms when you dont' take it...wich are the worst drugs to get off.

What you ingest is what you'll feel.

For six years before I drank coffee, I had DP to the point where I felt like half of my brain was removed. Coffee makes me feel alive. So I do not need coffee because I am addicted but rather because it makes me feel a bit more normal in that sense. (It does increase both my anxiety and DR though.)
Hey Uni

Yes I totally agree with you. Coffee takes me out of the DP zombie state also. I confess I am very pro coffee, but in resaonable amounts. The doctor keeps telling me to stop because of its effects on blood pressure and the fact that it is a form of oxide (free radicals and carcinogenic). But whatever.

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