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Coffee and DP

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Hey all... anyone else notice that the boost they get from drinking coffee makes them feel more alive and less zombie-like? Without drinking coffee I feel half asleep or like half of my brain has been removed. On the downside, the anxiety it gives me is unpleasant and makes my DR worse.
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SC drinks tea, hehe. JK. I like tea too. Karine, yes I do know second cup! I much prefer imported European coffee to North American coffee though. So, I was really wondering about the zombie-like/ half asleep feeling. Wondering if anyone who has this finds the coffee makes them feel more alive?
Does coffee help to counteract the zombie-like state of DP for you?
JanineBaker said:
If coffee helps you feel less dp, then you should talk to a doctor about considering Wellbutrin. The stimulant effect is similar. It's NOT for everyone - might make someone very panicky, but it's worth discussing with a professional.
Hey Janine,

Coffee makes me feel less DP'd but unfortunately more DR'd. Thanks for mentioning Wellbutrin. I will definately keep that in mind.
Sebastian, your brain works half as fast after having a coffee? If you have increased anxiety from coffee (having had more than one cup- me too!), is your DR worse? In what ways are you a vegetable without coffee? Thanks.

For six years before I drank coffee, I had DP to the point where I felt like half of my brain was removed. Coffee makes me feel alive. So I do not need coffee because I am addicted but rather because it makes me feel a bit more normal in that sense. (It does increase both my anxiety and DR though.)
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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