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Coffee and DP

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Hey all... anyone else notice that the boost they get from drinking coffee makes them feel more alive and less zombie-like? Without drinking coffee I feel half asleep or like half of my brain has been removed. On the downside, the anxiety it gives me is unpleasant and makes my DR worse.
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Sebastian - not only is it socially acceptable, it's legally acceptable, yet morally dubious.

Coffee always increases my anxiety - yawn. Breathing increases my anxiety too, so what the hell. I drink loads of Green Tea, because I'm deluded into thinking that it doesn't contain as much caffiene, and that it contains anti-oxidants which hopefully balances out my 40 a day cigarette habit. :roll:
Martin, the fact that I have to murder you is both legally dubious, morally ambiguous, and psychologically cathartic
Only legally 'dubious ? What country do you live in ? The Solomon Islands ? Oh, hang on, I forget...America, where I would have no rights as a human being, as an Atheist. :lol:

Hee hee. Next time I get my passport renewed I'm going to put my occupation down as 'Professional Atheist' and see if I can get into America.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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