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Codeine stopped my dp/dr

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I've had this dp/dr non stop for about one month now.

Anyway, I noticed after I took my cough syrup ( nasty cold) that has codeine, it took away my dp/dr.

How weird is that? I think it was the 1st time I felt relief from this in about 35 days.

I wonder why codeine would help with it??
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correct me if i'm wrong (miligram/med-types counters), but i think mate waht happened was the same thing as when i take klonopin. it lifts yer anxiety...because it makes you sleepy and has a somewhat opiate effect. if you took a klono 1mg, or a valium 1mg, chances are yer gonna feel the same thing...but then everyone's different, and i can't be bothered with arguments about how that's not true...

just my opinon. it's not so suprising. glad you found something that worked though. hopefully you can get the Rx for the drug that's in it that 'corrects' wot's damaged in yer chemical balance, y'know?

fer me it's klono.

cheers! =)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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