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Early in my perma-trip I tried blood pressure drug called Catepres which I was reminded of earlier and I think many of you have overlooked this. I have low-blood pressure to begin with, so it wasn't a healthy idea for me to try this in the first place. But for all you bacon veined, 5 necked fatties with bad DR, you should give it a try. I never had the opportunity to see if it had worked or not, but i've read some success stories elsewhere for hppd (which is just very intense dr). I ended up having an allergic reaction and had to discontinue, but check this drug out for yourself and then cry to your doc about it.

The folliwing is a clinical trial with hppders (drug-induced dr)

The first evalution was the Clinical Global Impression scale (CGI), this scale runs from 1-7 where 1 = normal and 7 = extremely ill. Additionally, the patients were asked to self-report their symptom severity on a scale of 1-5 where 1 = normal and 5 = severe. Prior to the clonidine treatment, the patients scored an average of 5.25 on the CGI scale and a 4 on the self-reporting scale. The patients received 0.025 mg clonidine at a schedule of three times a day for 2 months. One patient dropped out of the study at week 3 and a second at week 5. After 2 months the remaining six patients had an average CGI score of 2.5 and reported a 2 for the self-report scale. These values show a significant decrease in symptoms.

The authors discuss the potential mechanisms for clonidine. One possible reason is that they report that there is evidence shows clonidine stimulates a release of GABA in the central nervous system of some animals and increases the levels of GABA in human plasma. This would be similar to the already established beneficial effect from benzodiazepine treatment. Additionally, clonidine has been useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and flashbacks have been compared to PTSD situation.
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