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Clear Cut Ways To Recovery/Improvement

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Hi, OK I have an idea because I think I am still unsure of clear cut steps improve, let me explain, when I was a fitness instructor if somebody asked me a question, such as "Hi, how do I add lean muscle mass?" I would be able to state several things to do, clear cut, no messing, example..

1) Get 5 - 6 Doses Of Protein Per Day, Between 30 - 50 Grams Per Serving Depending On Body Weight.
2) Lift Heavier Weights.
3) Train Each Body Part No More Than Twice Per Week.
4) Split You Workout (Monday - Back, Tuesday - Legs etc)
5) Lower Alcohol Consumption To As Little As Possible.
6) Do Cardio No More Than Twice Per Week.
7) Lower Caffeine Intake To Minimal
8) Eat Green Vegetables (Broccoli Is The Daddy)
9) Supplements - Take A Good Quality Multi-Vitamin, Creatine, Protein Shake, Fish Oils etc. (protein shakes make it much easier to get 6 doses of protein per day rather than eating 6 chicken breasts)
10) Drink 2 - 3 Litres Of Water Daily

Example Diet..
Breakfast - Porridge + 6 egg whites & 2 yolks
Mid morning - Protein Shake
Lunch - Chicken + Rice
Mid Afternoon - Protein Shake
Dinner - Chicken + Vegetables
Before Bed - Protein Shake

Just a VERY rough example, but you see my point? very straight forward clear cut TIPS to follow, how about everybody reply to this with 5 - 6 clear tips to follow for recovering from Anxiety/Depression/DP/DR, no esseys, just simple pointers, uno like..

TIP 1 - Keep Active, Work, Socialise, Play sports etc.
TIP 2 - Avoid Depressants Such As Alcohol..
etc etc..

Yall get the idea?

I would really like to hear! specially about recovery from 24/7 DR which is what I seem to have, now with added Depression!

hopefully this post will be very helpful to many people if the replies are good!
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Good idea.You will find that tips to recovery has been covered on this site before but no harm to be reminded.Heres what works for me and whats to be avoided:

1.Diet.Just follow the basic food pyramid and thats good enough
2.Exercise.equally important.Compete with yourself,dont push too hard,you will only turn away from it or injure yourself
3.Get busy with a part time job,hobbies,studies etc.Spend time productively.
4.vitamin suppliments
5.Professional therapy or tell a family member.
6.Friends.If you have none,engage in activity that will get you involved with humanity again.
7.Be patient.If you have a bad day,dont think beyond the horizon.Counterproductive in the extreme.
8.Keep a diary and outline what you like doing and what sets you back.Very important to avoid the setbacks

The donts;

Alcohol or drug abuse
Staying alone
Doing nothing
Poor diet
Feeling sorry for yourself
What if,but,could,would,should questions
Anything to do with fate.B,ullshit.

Room for several pages on this topic,but would only take away from these points,which work for me.
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