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Cleaning up after an episode

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I recently had a very bad episode of DP/DR in which I self-harmed, cut class, didn't give much attention to my schoolwork, had a minor driving accident, became quite pyschically ill and unable to move and overall just acted very not together.

I went to my doctor and of course she was very concerned, told me to take off work and not to drive for awhile and raised my medication dose. That pretty much took all the really bad symptoms away and I'm back to my slightly spacey though functioning self.

Problem is, now my parents think I am regressing. I told them it was just a slight relapse, probably brought on by massive stress and the change in seasons. They are hovering over my every move now.

Is there anyway, in your experience, that I can help convince them that I am on the right track or it is maybe better to wait their worries out? I'd hate for them to worry for nothing.
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Topamax is a drug that has been researched i think from 2000
the research suggests a good result for topical applications why not suggest it to your doctor....have a look yourself online and see...all the very best to you and your family

jill :)
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