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To be clear, I am not a doctor. Despite the two publications with Dr. Simeon that NODID designed for depersonalization disorder with Mount Sinai School of Medicine, they neither make me trained to provide clinical advice, nor does it make me a degree holding expert on the subject. It does mean that I have had an unusual experience as an undergraduate to publish research that is getting such attention in the field, and this would typically not be conducted by someone with my level of official academic standing.

I cannot provide clinical advice, and I will no longer provide information from the research until it has been published by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. I am happy to explain the published research, but only so far as to explain methods and report on what effect it is having on the clinical community in discussions, how it has been cited, or the details of what a factorial analysis is.

My intention is not to be less responsive to individual's e-mails, but I would be doing more harm to make suggestions without stating this once again in public: I have designed and conducted research with other members of NODID, and we are using this in a positive way to force the information into the clinical community's eye, but this by no means makes my understanding tantamount to individuals with PhDs or MDs in the field. I may or may not know about an aspect of the disorder that other individuals in the field do not, but until I have the formal degrees, I have to respect my position in the academic ladder.

- David
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