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Christmas Time, Do Something Nice For Yourself.

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Christmas will soon be here. It is a beautiful time of year. It is a pretty time of year. I also know it can be a very hard time of year. I will admit at this time of year I have lots of pain in my heart that I try and cope with. Last year was a difficult one because I lost my friend,a family member and a precious pet. I also remember the year I lost part of me, that is how it feels to live in the world of dp/dr. Every year I wish for a few things and one of them is that I can be me again. I look up into the night sky and pray that maybe the following year will bring hope that this illness will be no more. I pray that for all of us here.

Now even though I feel sad I do hold on to the beautiful things in life. I love going for a walk after it has snowed and the coloured lights all around reflect on the ground while the snowflakes sparkle like diamonds. I love a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket to cuddle up to the fireplace after coming in from the cold. I sit and think about how lucky I feel to have a place like this to come to and be with others who truly care about each other. It warms the heart to know you are not alone.

I wish for everyone here a wonderful christmas, I wish and hope for the day we can all be well again. Do something nice for yourselves, know that you all are precious, life is precious and we who suffer with an illness day after day need to give ourselves a warm hug because we deserve all the happiness that life has to offer.

The world may not understand the illness we live but that is okay as long as we understand ourselves is more important. Thank you to all of you for always being the kind and caring friends that we all truly need.

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