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i look at the tv and sometimes the colors start to fade and sometimes there is to much color. every time i watch it changes alot. dont know why this is happening. there is sometimes people get closer to me. sometimes its 2dimensional i believe. sometimes its back to normal. but it constantly changes has anybody had that problem. does anybody have that melting feeling or vanishing feeling. dissolvingfeeling. it seems like i am getting worse sometimes. the house is unreal to me the outside is unreal to me i cant laugh anything sometimes i might laugh at a scene in the movie that is rare i think i am not going to talk anymore. fading away from people at times. also when i try to watch tv. i am disconnected from that. i dont hardly talk unless i try and talk about my illness in how to overcome it. throughout the day my skin i seems like it is shedding. like my body becomes thinner and thinner. does anybody have that. the other thing is my focus and concentration. it is really bad a times my head always changing. my body seems to get tighten somtimes especially in the head. the way my skin feels my body goes throught changes throughtout the day my tongue seems numb at times i am spacey
has anbody have the problem of having negative images stay in my mind
like today i have the image of one of the victims of the hurricane and image of t the movie gothic in my head that seems to not go away will taht eventually go away. i sometimes focus on the light like on people or objects. is that because i cant focus on anything else. what the world is wrong with me will this all go away am i going crazy . I am trying to get off of luvox which i take 50mg. the last time i took it it was 3 days ago and i took 25 mg. i feel so disconnected. i also take .25mg of xanax that really doesnt help. i want to get off of all meds afraid of maybe getting more worse. when this all started i use to have problems in the beginning of seeing the tv change always constantlty and bought this disk that can make the tv look better. what did i do that for all things went down heal from there. always feeling like iam going to lose my mind . my doctor said that i have extreme anxieties. i am depressed and have this. been on all kinds of medicine in the past. was on psychotic medicines . i have been on luvox, seroquel, klonopin and others at the same time. 1 year i felt kind of normal and then he changed it and took off luvox seroquel and other medicines and added geodon i was okay for a while and all things went down hill again i went to the hospital and my doctor stop treating me he yelled at me for not going to the hospital the first time i was told to go and he let me go. what kind of psychiatrist would do that
i have one know who want put me back on any pshychotic medication . i am glad of that . i don t know if being on all those medicines made my condition worse. or not. its been since march since i have been on all those meds. i am scared that i will nver be normal again. do anybody have any solutions or ideas on whaqt i should do . will all this confusion go away in time or what. i dont know whether to continue to take my meds to me it doesnt seem to help please respond . i know this seems like i have been rambling alot. i am just scared. please help

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Christina, I can't offer much wisdom because I too am in the same boat as you. What I will say is that you must continue working with psychiatrists, not necessarily the one you have now, until you find something that helps you. I know how frustrating it is to try to find the right med. Med finding can and often does take years. But, eventually you will find something that helps you. Don't worry about the future. It is your job now to focus on improving your health. When you are sick, just getting through one day is a struggle and that is why we must live one day at a time when we are in this state. Be nice to yourself- we deserve to be treated more frequently than others.

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more importantly than finding meds, you must find the cause of your disorder.

First step to finding the cause, is reading about how dissociative orders develop.

Then, you must look back to when you think your fist developed it, and find its trigger.

From there try and remember all the times youve felt DPed and why. Dissociative disorders develop from repressed memories of overwhelming emotion.... you gotta remember those emotions and their triggers to beat dissociative disorders
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