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Chemical imbalance and DP

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Now that I'm pretty much done with depersonalization and most of its symptoms, I can objectively look back and conclude that, for me, there was some physical/chemical trigger that evoked this latest episode. When I say physical/chemical, I'm speaking along the same lines of physical symptoms that occur when you're nervous because of taking a test, going to the dentist, an adrenaline rush, fainting because of something traumatic happening, etc. I can now clearly recall when I was on the phone with my then ex-girlfriend, when I confronted her about something serious that she did that happened to be an invsion of my privacy. I was so shocked that the world just began fading away and there was no safety zone. Almost like an adrenaline rush that you can't control when you see a car spinning out of control at an intersection. That was the start of a year of hellish depersonalization for me; the trigger mechanism from that incident did not turn off for some reason and it was definitely physical, as if my brain was releasing it's own morphine, malfunctioned and refused to correct itself.
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Something that clicked with me in counselling on a one-to-one situation was that the counsellor impressed on me the fact it IS a chemical imbalance which I took away with me from the sessions. Now I never forget to take my tablets feeling good or bad.
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