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I read a lot of post about experiencing weird perceptions, but i am having things that i dont read in other post, so i wanna know if someone experienced it

-Feeling or thought: (What if i was popped right now in existence) and all my previous memory are fake or not real
-Feeling like i am about to dissapear from reality
-Doubting: is the reality that i perceive is real? (i dont have visual disturbances) only keep questioning reality, i know that is classic dr but i also get the thought that maybe i am in an experiment for example and that perhaps people want to keep me in the experiment when i ask (i thought this before posting), i dont accept the thoughts but i know that this is paranoic and delusional so i am afraid of being schizoprenic or bipolar
-Feeling like my thoughts are racing 24/7
-No connection to my previous self
-Anxiety all day
-Cant focus on things

I not believe in any of the thoughts but they are constantly in my head, i can keep functioning for now and mantain a job and see friends, but i fear a lot of being more severe and losing my job, or being locked or killing myself (i dont want it)

Thanks a lot,

I also mencioned in a previous post that i had dpdr and existencial thoughts previously, and resolved in two months i think in quarantine, but now for example i having the thought: what if that memory is not real, that would mean that this time i cant recover or that i am not in reality and in a simulation/experiment etc
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