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So I'll start off with mentioning that my house was robbed, no items were stolen just cash($170). That was a little strange because it's never happened before and we live in a pretty peaceful neighborhood. We had the cops come to our house and take some finger prints and ask a few questions. We're pretty sure there's no way the money is coming back.

So after reading Tinyfairypeople's success I really wanted to try some DMAE. Thinking about how wonderful it would be to experience reality again for even just an hour. So I waited 2 weeks to talk to my doctor about it, only to have him cancel our appointment and reschedule in another 2 weeks. So after waiting a month to talk to my doctor he says that it may react with my medication and I can't have it. He said not to mess around because I was feeling better lately. But after him telling me "no" I was really depressed and hopeless.

But after a while things had been looking up I went to the mall with my best friend and saw a movie afterward. It went pretty well actually. We saw Unstoppable, a movie about a runaway train. Just yesterday I went to go Christmas shopping with the same buddy. Things also went pretty well, I didn't feel anxious. Afterward we drove down to another buddy's place and met up with two other guys. I thought I would be uncomfortable at someones house (and I was a little bit) but i must have stayed there for an hour before I went home. I was offered to say at my buddy's place but I refused.

And that brings us to today. Where I'm waiting for something to happen while sitting on the computer typing this.
December 12th 2010
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