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Yeah, so I kinda missed the one week mark but whatever. I was just waiting for any significant events to happen in my life before I wanted to post again.

So like I've said before, I've been going to school every day and I've been on .15mg of risperidone and 20mg of prozac (Teva-fluoxetine) and 5mg of Olanzapine whenever I need it (which I havnt taken in proably a month or two).

So I've got basicly a few things I'd like to mention I went through since my last blog post.

The first is that I have been ahnging out with my best friend, we usually just hang out in my hot-tub and watch TV. That usually goes pretty well, we share a few laughs and watch some funny TV. If were at my place we'll probably hang out for like 4-5 hours.

Second, I went to see a movie with another two friends, we went out to see Hereafter in theaters. It was a decent movie, maybe a little boring but interesting none-the-less, its about the after life and psychics. The most anxious I felt was worthy of just tapping my foot a lot. I was a little suprised about how well I was holding up, maybe a month ago I went to see another movie and things went pretty badly, I had to leave half way through the movie.

Thirdly, I just saw my psychologist again just today. It was a pretty normal meeting, we discussed that fact that im more nervous at my friends place than at school because I'm more occupied at school and I dont have much to do at my friends place.

So I guess that's it for this update. Overall i'm a lot better than how I started out and i'm still waiting to try DMAE.

November 12th 2010.

Edit: Oh, and also im gonna try and jog as much as I can, I've ran today and yesterday so far.
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