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In the beginning life was at it's best and the birds were singing and the such. It was july 2009 I had just broken up with my first girlfriend (who i've had the best and worst times of my life with). This breakup caused a slight epipiany(paradime shift).

Before I was allways the type of guy to stay away from drugs but then I wanted to try weed, to see if it was like what I imagined. Come late August my best friend had convinced me to try alcohol. And I did. It was the best time of my life. We were doing stupid stuff, laughing at everything, doing random squats because they felt cool, walking home singing Bohemean Raspsody, laying on the beige carpet floor laughing at nothing, doing summersaults because I was completely Euphoric.

Fast Forward to Halloween that year. Me and my friends had scored some weed and were off to a party. So I lit up for the first time outside some guys house on a small deck. I shared 3 joints and got HIGH AS FUCK. I was outside my body, my brain was melting, I was in outer space I also lost my coat...

Eventually I was able to get a decent grip on reality (still high). I was looking after my friend who had too much to drink and smoke, cause thats what a good buddy does right? He was out of his mind. He threw up. He was having a bad trip, drunk and high. I just told him to keep breathing and kept telling him what time it was to comfort him. We were now outside sitting on a short brick wall. It was about 9:00. We were probably just sitting there for like half an hour outside. We were outside because the father of the house had come home. So the son of the house had found my jacket, he was a total life saver. But then... we heard the sirens.

"OH FUCK!". And I ran. We never actually saw the vehicle. My buddy followed behind me (still out of his mind, the only thing he knew to do was to stick with me). So here we are running from the "cops" (which we actually found out later was an ambulance :rolleyes: ) So we walked home (and I had to get directions from him, haha). On the way home I saw in the distance what my high mind thought was a flaming piece of fire wood suspended in the air by a light post, turns out it was actually just the reflection of a street light in a speed limit sign. It was actually pretty cool to be honest. The next mourning I woke up, sober.

About a month later we were gonna drink again, but this time I had a bad drunk. I wasnt having fun, I wasn't laughing, I just wanted it to be over (maybe because we started drinking at noon!)

Fast forward to March 4th 2010. It had been 5 months since the last time I smoked pot. I wanted to smoke pot again for three reasons: One, I felt that last time was ruined by my friend getting sick. Two, I never got the chance to listen to music high. Three, I wanted to smoke rather than drink because I had a bad time last time. It was about 10am. I lit up with two friends. Immediately I knew I was gonna have a bad time. While high I was sitting down and got anxious every time I looked at my laptop or listened to music. Once my friend was playing "Wish you were here" (Pink Floyd). I completely spaced out for just a second, I was unconcious for just a second, I lost the music for just one second. I wasn't sure what that was but I just ignored it and moved on. It was 1pm when the high came down.

That night. It was 5pm and suddenly the high came back, in full force, my arms were disattached. It lasted until 1am when I fell asleep.

The next mourning I felt weird, hungover from the weed. For the following day also. But the next day I felt totally sober.

Two weeks later. I was at a friends birthday. We were playing monopoly. Everything was normal for two weeks, but then, my DP started. Suddenly it seemed as if everyone's words were hard to get a grip on. I couldn't focus and felt half high. I called my dad right away to go home. I tried to sleep it off but I never could.

- October 25th 2010, Brando2600

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Oct 25 2010 06:22 PM

Reading your story was interesting. Albeit you got DP/DR in the end. Still though...write some more some time
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Oct 25 2010 08:04 PM

I plan on updating at least once a week.

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Oct 25 2010 08:56 PM

I plan on updating at least once a week.
hmmm i might do that to. but if mine sounds similar to urs, dont call me a copycat haha.

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Jan 16 2011 08:57 PM

Interesting story.
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