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Changing Thoughts

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For a brief period after taking the flax seed oil, I've felt almost completely normal, and I want to, but it seems like my subconscious still wants me to have this disorder. It's like wanting to get rid of a pimple (for lack of better example), but you're used to it so you don't want it to go. I also have been thinking things like: is the way I see the world actually an illusion? Am what I am seeing real? I don't feel DRed or DPed when I think this, it just makes me depressed. Does anyone else have thoughts like that?
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hmmm...i don't know about anyone else, but when i have a pimple, i REALLY want it to go away. there is no part of me that wants to have the pimple...and there is no part of me that wants to hold on to my dp/dr. i can kinda see what you're saying, though. the mind can be very morbid.
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