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Changing Thoughts

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For a brief period after taking the flax seed oil, I've felt almost completely normal, and I want to, but it seems like my subconscious still wants me to have this disorder. It's like wanting to get rid of a pimple (for lack of better example), but you're used to it so you don't want it to go. I also have been thinking things like: is the way I see the world actually an illusion? Am what I am seeing real? I don't feel DRed or DPed when I think this, it just makes me depressed. Does anyone else have thoughts like that?
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All the time... I just have accepted this. The whole world to me seems as some sort of a game which I try to play by its rules, and it works. I don't know what is real anymore, the main concept of the word *real* has vanished in my mind. Sometimes I don't know if I live or if I have never lived, its like my mind wonders into infinity once in a while.
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