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I think I have to realize that I am not directly in charge of my symptoms.

I am always like "if I do ..., then I will feel like...."
I mean I tend to think that if I do this or that, I will feel better.

That is trying to control my symptoms.
Because nobody can see how much I suffer, I feel guilty for not being able to accomplish what others are able to do with ease (studying, working, having fun, in short: doing things and feeling good at it).

I cherish the illusion that although having bad symptoms is not necessarily my fault, it is at least my responsibility to actively change them.


I can't directly change them. And even if I could and did, it would only result in other symptoms.

Nobody can change an illness directly. If I had a broken leg, nobody would be stupid enough to assume that one can actively make the leg heal.

Healing is stepping aside and letting it happen. It is something that works by itself.

One can only create a setting, an environment, in which the process of healing, the process that works by itself, is made possible.

As long as one does not have a setting (environment) that promotes the process that works by itself, this very process can't take place.

And since healing is something that works by itself, every active intervention in the healing process means perpetuating the illness.

Or as Einstein put it: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Regarding my case it would read: No dp problem can be solved by a dped mind.

So the best one can do is to stop thinking about it and focus on something else. Period.

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Here, here! You must have written this when you weren't dp'd. Funny how we can go into this analytical state when in that different state of consiousness.

You're right, the only thing we can do is go through life with these symptoms & try & promote an environment for us to heal in. Nothing else, just acceptance & try not to analyse.

Very good post!

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I actually wrote this after I read one of Janine's posts and she reminded me of what I have known for so long.

"stepping aside and letting the mind readjust itself" or something like this it went.

And you know what, Janine is absolutely right about that.
There is nothing that one can do actively to change the mind. Cause that's manipulation, and manipulation requires more manipulation and suddenly you are trapped in an endless cycle of thoughts that only lead to worse symptoms.

So just relax and stop thinking about it. Focusing away from the self is really self reinforcing. Focusing on reality enables me to get out of the path of the obsessive attempt to adapt myself to what I think I should be.
You know, I am what I am, and that's something very precious and I only do myself good when I validate myself.

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Well put!!! I agree that distraction has been a huge part of my recovery! If I am alone in my own mind and focus on my symptoms, it usually makes it worse. If I except that I feel "off" and just try to go about my day, which also means setting a healing environment of eating better, resting, walking, taking in nature, breathing exersices, etc., things start to improve.

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