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I read the cbt article that i was going to post a few weeks back. It actually was very good. Here is what I found out:

If you think that your dp/dr will lead to insanity,losing control ect. then your anxiety will increase. Then you will do something that maintains the cycle such as avoiding situations that may cause dp/dr, acting like you are normal or monitoring yourself in order to see if you actually will go insane. You have to look at your dp as if it will not hurt you. And this is true. What are you really afraid of? Your mind makes you believe you should be afraid. You have to normalize your dp/dr. It is normal to have these feelings. They also say that you should not avoid social interactions, and that you should not pretend to be someone your not. Example, saying the right thing,keeping still,not making eye contact. You should try to not do these things, and then think whether doing them actually helps you or hinders you.

Task Training and Attention Training

In attention training you should evaluate how much time you spend monitoring yourself, how much time you monitor external situations that are irrelavant. and how much time you monitor external situations that are task related. You should try to increase monitoring external task related activity. (focusing outward).

You should also ask yourself, what will happen if i do have a real bad episode of dp/dr? Will I go crazy, will i lose control? and when you do have a bad episode, see if that really happens.

There is more and I will post it later on.

There is also a thead at the top of this forum called "CBT" and it's got a "sticky" on it so it always stays near the top of the list.

I copied your post above and put it there, might want to check out the other posts in that thread.

All the best,
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