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CBD oil for anxiety?

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So I have EXTREME generalized anxiety. It keeps me from sleeping, eating, and functioning. I'm currently on Celexa (10mg) and thinking about increasing that to 20mg, but I was considering using CBD oil to help reduce the anxiety.

Have any of you tried it?

  • dosages?
  • sublingual, vapor, or edibles?
  • side effects?
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I haven't tried it but personally I would opt for natural approaches -- almost always. This is in fact one of the few treatment approaches I've been itching to try. I've heard only but positive results. You'll have a few negative feed-backs, sure, nothing is perfect. Even water could down you, and I'm sure your feedback on that wouldn't be positive.

I've read a lot about this oil and if you want a great website that talks about it, let me know and I'll post it here.

The ONLY reason I have not tried this is due to some financial setbacks, other supplements which seem to be helping and the fact that, since I like the actual process of smoking, vapes and oils cost more than what I can readily spend right now.

TRY it! But make sure you aren't allergic, although I don't think you will be.

Apparently this guy got rid of his DP with this CDB supplement along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Like always, I believe DP is a symptom of a few mechanism going hay-wire which is why I also believe that not one method is enough to lift it.

Any treatment approaches, coupled with good diet, exercise, meditation and patience, can go a looooong way.
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