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I'm suffering from DPDR for almost 2 years.
There were few reasons why it happened, but the main reason was the I was smoking weed.
The first weeks were the hardest, I didn't feel alive at all, wasn't able to sit and talk with my mom or see my girl friend.
After I went to psychology and start a treatment (without pills), it get better, but I'm still living with it until today.
The DPDR comes and go, but what I'm feeling the most, and it's almost 24/7 is few things:
  • I'm feeling that I don't have a past, I remeber the things and the experiences, but can't ''feel'' them or imagine that I'm back into them.
  • don't feel happiness from the moment, just live my life and kind of "Can't feel happiness", Like, I know that I'm enjoying, but don't actually felling it
  • Everything that happens, feel very long ago after few minuets.

And One of the hardest things for me, is that I can't drink ANY alcohol, not even little bit of beer or wine, and I'm not even talking about a shot of Vodka.
If I'll try to drink little bit of beer, after 50m I'll feel really really bad and feel into a hard DPDR, and it can last for few days (regularly it gone after 5-10 minuets)

Is the thing with the alcohol can get better? I can't even take a shot for my birthday or sit and drink a beer, I don't even want to gget drunk too much, just get the feeling of drinking a beer or a shot.

And I think about trying CBD oil for treatment, I found something that contain 0.2% THC, do you think it'll be fine? I'm afraid that these 0.2% of THC will cause me a hard DPDR.
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