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Sometimes I feel like I have this part of me that is the "reality" and it is like a mold hovering in front of my face, and what I need to do is catch myself up with that reality that is the mold. Some of the other symptoms hve gotten better, but there is this one that leaves me feeling about five feet away from my real self, if that makes sense. Just another of those annoying things.

i know what your sayin man...

Your 5 feet away monitoring your thoughts as if you were obvseriving yourself as someone else (whos sitting 5 feet away?)

You gotta catch up to yourself by venting your anxiety, Consciously start shaking your leg or something, or however your "real self" shows nervousness. It helps.

By sayin you gotta catch up to yourself, its like you know whats going on, but cant seem to react until its too late, at least thats what it is with me.

I think beating this disorder involves learning a new coping mechanism of normal levels of anxiety, as i believe (at least with me, personally) DP kicks in when i feel anxious, and hide the feelings from other people and the anxiety gets worse internally and seperates our mind from ourselves the worse the anxiety.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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