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cardio-pulmonary update

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I've been with my Mom when she was doing the breathing test and I really think you will make it thru that one okay.

I've done the MRI thing maybe a half a dozen times. Like you, I didn't know how much it annoyed me until I did it the first time. Now I sing songs in my head, replay some memory from beginning to end, work on counting my breaths (unless they are saying "hold it") and just about anything I can think of to forget what is going on in general. The dye is okay as long as you have good veins and they can get the iv in. I have sucky small, rolling veins and it makes everything a big damn ordeal.

So, the best of luck to you. I am one of the people that do. :)
take care.
Quite Smoking! ( I've suffered thru 5 years without might as well, too. 8) )
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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