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Sorry you're in this state. As Kelson noted, you've answered your question. It doesn't surprise me that excess alcohol and lack of sleep set this off, and it will pass once your body gets back to normal.

I've had a number of these hideous waves over the years as well. And I always look for "variables", that is, what could have possibly caused me to feel like this?

In many cases it was physical illness. I had one of the worst epidodes of my life when I had a serious brochitis. I literally disappeared from the face of the earth. I swear it. And I thought, "How can I even kill myself, there's nothing here to kill." I wasn't enough "there" to get up of the sofa. It was also one of the few times when I felt my face on fire... as though I were sitting near a bonfire, and no, it wasn't the fever I had.

But this passed. As the horrible bug left my bloodstream, whatever it was, the DP/DR went back to "normal." I swore I wanted to die.

Also, there have been psychological/anxiety triggers I haven't quite figured out and they involve "the novel".. novel situations. When I've had visitors to my apartment, invariably there will be a day when I have a horrible wave of DP/DR. If I sit down and talk with the person, I'm able to "talk myself down".

Other times I do what you did. Distraction, talking to myself, reassuring myself. I think I get thrown that I have someone new in my apartment. I usually don't have that many visitors, so it's odd and anxiety provoking (fight/flight gone wild) to have a new routine, someone new there. I've also had this visiting other people. Staying at their house.

I can only say, all of these hideous events usuallly have a clear cause, and the cause for your episode is pretty clear as Kelson mentioned.

Also, for me, they always passed. Sometimes within 24 hours, sometimes longer, say days or a week. You will get out of this. But dear Lord, man, what you did would be a guarantee of DP/DR Hell for me.

Take Care,
This too shall pass,
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