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Hi guys, I had multiple bouts with DR/DP in my life, always found a way to recover 100% from them.

However, 2 weeks ago, somebody made me eat a cannabis edible (I never took any drug in my life) without my consent or knowledge. I had multiple panic attacks during the Bad trip. I remember during the bad trip thinking "Why can't I think normaly, why can't I access my memories??" And I woke up with THREE majors symptoms in this bout that terrify me:

1. I can't think straight. I feel like my way of thinking is the same as when I'm drunk. let me explain:

When I'm "normal" (no DP no DR), if I want to send a text to a friend, I take my phone, I write the text and send it. Everyhting is done AUTOMATICALLY, without thinking really about it aside of what I'm going to write.

Right now (DP/DR state), I HAVE to force myself to think : "ok, take the phone", "Now write your text", "Re-dead your text 2 times to make sure you didn't say anything stupid", "send the text". So it's like when I'm drunk, I have to consciously double check everything I do and it's not automatic like it should normally be.

2. Short term memory. I usually have a great memory. But now, I forget where I put stuff, forget what I was about to say, etc...

3. I'm just not alert. My brain is not sharp. I fel my cognitive functions are permanetly impaired. Normally I'm super efficient. Let's say I receive a message on my phone, it stays in mind until I take care of it while I'm multitasking, etc. But right now, I feel so groggy and dizzy all the time, I forget to reply to texts from my friends, etc.


  • Are those 3 symptoms "normal/common" for DP/DR?
  • Do you think that a weed edible could have in some way permanently injured my brain? I'm terrified of this possibility... My friend gave me half and he ate half. He is perfectly fine tho. I know another guy who had a full efible the same night and is fine too.

Thanks so much for your help.
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