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cant tell where are sounds coming from and repeating sentences/words in my head

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For a while now I havent been able to tell anymore where sounds come from. For example If someone calls to me I might search my phone for a long time cos simply I dont know where the noise comes from, even when my phone is like next to me.

Also when I have "heard" my thoughts for a while/talked to myself in my head, today I noticed that I was repeating this sentence in my head over and over again. I actually sang the sentence ("eleven, twelve, one two three four") for like tens of times..

Does someone else experience this? ...And like always, Im afraid of going schizo..
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Thanks for your answers, for some reason I always need assurance Im ot crazy, tho I still dont believe it :D

Its not due to sleep deprivation, I sleep alot thanks to seroquel (..and have gained few kilos of fat and my weight gainin doesent seem to end..)

Im not sure its the earworm either, I do know what that is :D annoying when you cant get a song out of your head.. but this is definitely something else, I repeat crazy sentences, words etc..
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