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cant tell where are sounds coming from and repeating sentences/words in my head

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For a while now I havent been able to tell anymore where sounds come from. For example If someone calls to me I might search my phone for a long time cos simply I dont know where the noise comes from, even when my phone is like next to me.

Also when I have "heard" my thoughts for a while/talked to myself in my head, today I noticed that I was repeating this sentence in my head over and over again. I actually sang the sentence ("eleven, twelve, one two three four") for like tens of times..

Does someone else experience this? ...And like always, Im afraid of going schizo..
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Are you getting enough sleep? I experienced this when I was socially isolated and sleep deprived. Make sure you're meeting your basic needs.

And it's unlikely you have schizophrenia. Other people would notice you acting weird and be concerned. My schizophrenic mother used to drive to the airport because she would see someone on the street that she thought looked like my brother, look at my mouth to see if I had all of my teeth, and go to FBI buildings and police stations and ask to 'turn in her work'.

You seem anxious and, as said above, sleep deprived. Stay as healthy as you can so you can start to focus your mind on other things more often.
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