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Can't see a light anymore

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Hello everyone.

As I'm typing this, basically I feel like my body is numb/can't respond to touch properly. I feel cold, but touch and sensations feel very dull and far away.

I cannot feel much emotionally, but it's really the physical symptoms that are pushing me to feeling hopeless. It's been about a week-ish now since it began roughly. I'm not sure if it was just that I was over stressed and my mind couldn't take it anymore or what.

Initially, I had thought somehow smoking cigarettes (I stopped a little after I started feeling these things) somehow ruined my nerves or it was something to do with somehow having a neuropathy of sorts. Since before when trying to sleep I would get pain in my arms, but now everything has been replaced pretty much with a ghostly, depressing numbness.

Clothes feel weird, I can't feel hot and cold sensations properly it seems. I went to 3 separate doctors and all said it was depression/anxiety and gave me Ativan and an anti-depressant.

So...I'm kind of at a huge loss. I'm beginning to give up hope more and more. Waking up every morning to wondering if it will be gone or not. Still checking and I still have it. Jealous of others that are leading seemingly normal lives and can actually "feel" things.

So yeah...I don't know if this "loss" of physical sensation and most touch feelings is DP/DR related or if it is anxiety/Major Depressive Disorder. It feels like it came on so quickly. And like every time I touch my skin, it's like I'm dead and can't feel the top layer of skin.

I keep wanting to go to doctors and have them check or refer me to a neurologist because I feel like if it is something bad, I'm just wasting time...

I'm terrified I will be like this forever.

Thanks for reading...

So yeah...sorry about the long rant. These are how things are going for me right now.
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Yeah I get that, and have been trying to just ignore the numbness. But even last night I banged my knee so hard against a huge speaker and it hardly hurt. Next morning there's a huge blue bruise where it hit. I want taste anything hardly. My mouth is always numb and very dry. My tongue burns, and I don't have an appetite at all. My sleep is horrible...maybe 3-4 hours a night tops. I literally can touch my arm and can slightly feel it with my hand but can't feel my arm. Its scary... I also guess I'm still experiencing dp/dr with this and it's making it worse. It seems to just be getting worse overall and I'm just getting more numb. I could probably hurt myself had and hardly feel it. In scared I'll never be how I was before..And that this is just my new depressing reality... I feel hopeless and wake up every morning scared and anxiety ridden because this numbness isn't passing.
I'm scared if I ignore this it's only going to get worse, and worse and cause permanent damage.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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