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This conditon sucks, man.

Every menial task is such an incomprehensible struggle.

Here's me taking a shower today.

>enter shower

>forgot to remove socks

>exit shower to remove socks

>re-enter shower

>forgot shower gel

>exit shower, get shower gel, re-enter

>forgot shampoo


>forgot that i j u s t picked up shower gel and proceed to use shampoo as shower gel

>dry myself off

>notice that i forgot to wash the shampoo from my hair

>freak the eff out and smash everything in sight

I quite literally have zero percent executive function. Bedridden.

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Damn, REB, I totally relate to your post...most people here seem to have the emotional disconnect and unreal feelings, but can still function mostly normally and people don't notice. I have the same problem as you with my exectutive function being in the shits. I can't prepare any but the simplest of meals, and it usually takes me 4 or 5 times to actually complete my shower routine. All I need to do is bring in a towel and new clothes. You wouldn't think that would be too difficult, but man, it's such a Herculean task for me.
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