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cant bring myself to going to school

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so we're back at school today, i went to bed at 3am, woke up at 7, had to be there for 9:30.

i woke up okay, but as soon as i got in the shower i started to get a bit of dr symptoms, then when coming to actually going to school, where i'd be around alot of people, i pussied out, and now im sat at home, here. school started 20 mins ago.

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Your post reminds me of my school days. I missed three years of schooling and did'nt even leave the house. Looking back though I never new that it was derealization that I was suffering from. I could'nt describe the symptoms to my doctor so he did'nt really know how to help me . Pisses me off really, as a few years down the line a psychiatrist prescribed me Cipramil and it worked straight away. Are you on any medication to help you cope with it? Just keep trying and stay positive that's all I can say.
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