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cant bring myself to going to school

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so we're back at school today, i went to bed at 3am, woke up at 7, had to be there for 9:30.

i woke up okay, but as soon as i got in the shower i started to get a bit of dr symptoms, then when coming to actually going to school, where i'd be around alot of people, i pussied out, and now im sat at home, here. school started 20 mins ago.

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anti-anti depressants said:
Pisses me off really, as a few years down the line a psychiatrist prescribed me Cipramil and it worked straight away.
Sorry to hijack the thread, but how did this work? What actually happened? Did all the symptoms just go away until the medication wore off or something? I'd love to get rid of the unreal vision for a day or two, just to remind myself what it's like to live life as myself rather than a viewer watching a film. Did it just get rid of the anxiety and therefore make it bareable to go out again?
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