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This week its, well i'm freaking out that my room is not real, that's its just not right. OR that i'm going to forget my surroundings. I know none of that will happen but i cant stop the obsessive thinking. It spawns horrific fear. As always this is about 90% of my day.

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BertoPSU said:
you realize they are irrational fears right? You know everything IS real.... why do you tell yourself they arent?
well, speaking for myself.....i "tell" myself they aren't real because i don't have anything that feels real to compare it to. like to know must know it's not hot, and to know know what light is to compare it to. so it's not so much that i TELL myself they're not real, it's that i don't know what real compare it to.

i have a difficult time BELIEVING IN reality. to me reality doesn't exist. not the way others are so sure of it, that's for sure

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I recognize what you describe as a panic attack. Sure, your body may be calm, but you are still in what is called a panic attack.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I had a sudden flash of remembrance just now as I read your post.

I remember being quite calm and seeing my room as totally alien but at the same time, familiar.

It's panic, man. Panic.

I dealt with panic in May with Ativan. I could not endure what you are enduring because along with it came the terrible fear.

It's panic, man. Your nervous system is just way out of kilter and the cycle has to be broken.

Are they still refusing to give you benzos? If you are able to get them, you can retrain your brain to remember what "normal" is like and then work on making OTHER changes in your life that need to be made. You will eventually spend more time in a non-panic state and develop cognitive ways of dealing with panic growling at the door.

What do your doctors now say?

I would advise you not to tell them that you have DP, but to tell them that you have panic, because I think that's what you're describing.

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I can relate man! We all can relate to you.

I've come to find out that there are a lot of feelings, thoughts, emotions combined in order to suffer from DP/DR.

One that really gets me is the point that I think I'm gonna just get whatever is near me at the time and throw it at the wall. Or crash the car into the wall.

Just being so tired of dealing with everday life issues plus the hell like issues that come with my DP/DR.

The times I feel like this I get so tired of it that I want to throw an adult tantrum or something like that.

Just wanting it to just go away...

We all want it to go away over night but it wont. And sometimes I find myself asking myself that once all this goes away will it be worth the battle.

When all this is over for all of us and someone asks you "was it all worth it, arent you glad you hung in there!"

I might just sock em' in the face... NO IT WASN'T! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO FEEL LIKE THIS!

Anyway, how about them Dodgers? LOL Just Kidding :D
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