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So I'm pretty sure I blogged about this already a while ago but I need some reassurance. So this is pertaining to the detachment feeling of depersonalization/derealization. When you guys say you feel detached do you mean you feel detached from this world like you're not really here and not experiencing this. Often I feel like I'm here but not taking in or experiencing any of this and that's what I always thought of the detachment of! Also I feel like part of me is somewhere else. Like I feel like have of my body is somewhere else like I'll have a day dream and it will feel like I'm actually in my day dream! I just feel like not all of me is hear and some of me is somewhere else and this really is a dream. This is so dream like sometimes I feel like I'm about to wake up and ofcourse nothing happens but it feels like I'm about to wake up and I feel like I'm about to wake up to where that other part of me is! Do you guys get what I'm saying! I hope I'm not alone on this! Please reinsure me that you guys have experienced this before. This has been the biggest problem for me that perhaps this really is a dream or some other dimention and that wake up feeling is me trying to get back to my real life. Have you guys experienced this? Please help!

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Irina Paravienna
Apr 04 2014 03:08 AM

Yeah,I always feel like I'm not completely here.
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