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Can someone cheer me up? :(

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My dpdr got the worst when i started focusing on healing my trauma to spite people for not caring about how i feel. And i felt like a bad bitch because i was gonna heal my trauma and be like look at me now bitches. And then still love them because it was probably my fault we couldnt get along in the first place since im traumatized and i acknowleged that. But i just wanted the victory of finally getting better in life :( and now my dpdr got so bad to the point ive basically given up on everything like no personality no social interaction everythings changed :( like i failed my goal of getting better completely :( what am i supposed to feel other than horrible :( like yall im so sad i cant even describe please someone help
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Trauma needs to be dealt with carefully. It doesn't have to define your whole personality but it can't be reduced to a mere accessory either. Things happened to us and they stick with us, simply. In relationships I don't think one person is necessary good and the other bad. The relationship itself or the dynamic between the two people can be problematic or disturbed. I've also had relationships in my past that were dysfunctional and I carried them with me like a grudge. I've found there's nothing for me to do in such situations but move forward with confidence and forget about what others think.

Your posts are reflective and you have goals for your mental wellness, so I think you are on a path to getting better.
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