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I'm at a very difficult crossroad in my recovery process and asking if anyone has some advice for what I should do next.
Just as everyone else, my DP caused me extreme anxiety for the first few months of having it. I could not eat, sleep, or leave my house because of the constant panic attacks. My doctor put me on Zoloft (Sertraline). After months of increasing the dosage, I am now at 100mg and my anxiety is practically gone. No more panic attacks whatsoever. This is great because now I can at least function as a human being and get things done with DP. However, I am EXTREMELY unemotional. It's nice to not be crying and panicking all day but I don't even feel like a person anymore (disregarding the DP feelings that already do that). My goal here really was not to get rid of my anxiety or depression--but now I have none of that. I saw a psychiatrist who prescribed me Klonopin. I really want to be done with medication though. I only took it once and it made me kind of loopy and don't want to try again. So I guess here's my question -- do I lower my dose of Zoloft to get my emotions back while risking panic attacks? Or do I stay on it and keep doing healthy stuff to try and rid of the DP? I really miss my emotions....but I really don't miss how miserable they made me.
Again, I think I can normally handle depression and anxiety extremely well. It's the DP that's makes it unbearable. What do I do??
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