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Can DR Do This?

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I finally found something that I could really pinpoint exactly what was wrong, there is a tiny little red dot, almost like a laser sight dot on our Plasma TV Screen, The "Stand By" light, I looked at it, and it is not a clear dot anymore, its very fuzzy and unclear, normally its 1 solid tiny red circular dot, clear with a nice CLEAR perimeter, can Stress/Anxiety/DR/Tiredness etc REALLY make such a clear difference to your vision/perception? unlike everything else I look at which is hard to pinpoint what has changed, that dot is easy to see the difference between what it used to look like and how it looks when I look at it now. It's really fuzzy and unclear.

Do I need a Doctor? or some sleep and relaxation/anxiety relief?

some feedback would be much appreciated.

thanx in advance.
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Sometimes there's a thin film over the surface of the cornea that causes clouding; we may not feel it at all, but it can be there. You could try putting in some over-the-counter eye drops and see if it changes back to what it was before that you saw.
I don't know, Mattm4000. I remember back in June when I had anxiety with a bit of DP that there were a couple of times I was shocked that my vision had evidently changed so drastically in one eye. Things were out of focus, just in that one eye, and I felt nothing. When it happens and we're anxious at the same time, we don't always think of the simple explanation; in my case, that's all it was.

I think that during anxiety, all of the nonessential systems of the body basically shut down so as to send as much blood (containing oxygen and nutrients) to the muscles and the senses (so as to perceive and run from the tiger who our amygdala thinks is in pursuit of us); the hydration of our eyes is no doubt reduced by that process, and so the virtually constant cleansing of the surface of the eye is basically stopped (at least temporarily, until we consciously blink a lot or use drops or cry). Fight-or-flight literally shuts down some body systems, like the digestive tract. The effect of anxiety involves our whole being.
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