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Can DR Do This?

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I finally found something that I could really pinpoint exactly what was wrong, there is a tiny little red dot, almost like a laser sight dot on our Plasma TV Screen, The "Stand By" light, I looked at it, and it is not a clear dot anymore, its very fuzzy and unclear, normally its 1 solid tiny red circular dot, clear with a nice CLEAR perimeter, can Stress/Anxiety/DR/Tiredness etc REALLY make such a clear difference to your vision/perception? unlike everything else I look at which is hard to pinpoint what has changed, that dot is easy to see the difference between what it used to look like and how it looks when I look at it now. It's really fuzzy and unclear.

Do I need a Doctor? or some sleep and relaxation/anxiety relief?

some feedback would be much appreciated.

thanx in advance.
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I'd think that was a minor problem with DR. Many times I had trouble contemplating how close I was to things. The ground felt like it was tilted, things seemed so odd. My focus seems off and sometimes I felt like my brain couldn't register the dimentions of my room correctly. A fuzzy light would be the least of my DR worries. To answer your question, yes. :)
True, nothing has changed, just the way you see it. You aren't so far from the real image you know. Keep on truckin'. This stuff does go away. I'm still getting better.
I think it sounds like the only "brain disorder" you have is anxiety/dp and dr
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