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Can DR Do This?

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I finally found something that I could really pinpoint exactly what was wrong, there is a tiny little red dot, almost like a laser sight dot on our Plasma TV Screen, The "Stand By" light, I looked at it, and it is not a clear dot anymore, its very fuzzy and unclear, normally its 1 solid tiny red circular dot, clear with a nice CLEAR perimeter, can Stress/Anxiety/DR/Tiredness etc REALLY make such a clear difference to your vision/perception? unlike everything else I look at which is hard to pinpoint what has changed, that dot is easy to see the difference between what it used to look like and how it looks when I look at it now. It's really fuzzy and unclear.

Do I need a Doctor? or some sleep and relaxation/anxiety relief?

some feedback would be much appreciated.

thanx in advance.
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I have heard that before about the film over the cornea. I think I have that also. Do you know if it's caused by DR? I think allergies and lack of sleep can cause it too but I might be incorrect about that.
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