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Can dpdr cause depression?

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I’ve been struggling with dpdr for a month but this is my second time. I had it 4 years ago but it was only derealization that lasted 3 months. Lately I thought I had some progress but I think I’m getting worse.I think I’ve developed depression because of this and I’m someone that was very happy and successful before all of this. All of the existential questions that I have “what is the actual meaning of life” “what tf is life,who tf am I,what is the purpose of me being a human, what is a human even” all of these torment me every day. And I’ve recently had my 3D vision back but life still feels very surreal and foreign. For the past two weeks I haven’t had the energy to do anything, all I do is lay in my bed and be on my phone. I kind of have these thoughts “ugh it’s so exhausting being alive” and I don’t know if that’s cause I am not feeling real and basically being deprived from everything around me and my own identity or because I’m actually depressed and I never knew it. I’ve been wondering whether to start medication or not, but since it’s only been a month I don’t know if I should wait a little. I have suicidal thoughts but I also wouldn’t really call them that,I just want to be normal again and not be tired.Any advice?
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