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Hello, i wanted to ask this question as, before all of this i felt normal, after my last episode of DP i felt normal and real, but two days ago. After i logged out of the computer, i felt this horrible panic coming, i kept freaking out, going in the shower, felt like i was dying and un real, i was so scared. Till for just a little bit it went away, then i was able to sleep. Then i wake up and i feel fake, detached from my body, life feels so fake, i am alive i can think and im stuck in life, but my real self doesn't think life is real. Its scary. And is still going on, im tired of this its too scary. Can dp like this happen out of no where? I never once had a random panic attack like that, besides doing a little weed, but that shouldn't of had anything to do with it, because those feelings went away days after i did it. Can this happen out of no where? or is there something worse going on to me? Am i about to die? Im not ready to go yet, but yet it feels like i am going to die any time soon here. Thanks.
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