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Can DP be past down..?

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I dont know why I thought of this but if Someone had DP and had a child, would they have DP or some sort of mental illness. This is kinda of a good question to me but may be already answerd, If you know then it would be cool to know as well.
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I agree with nick, I don't think of it so much as a mental illness, but a coping mechanism that your brain uses to deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, and so on. It can also be from some chemical imbalance in your body. The problem is when your brain continues to detach from the world, but I think there is usually some reason that the brain does this.

None of my immediate family has experienced long term dpdr. Some mental illnesses can be passed down from parents, but I have no clue why some peoples brains cope with things by 'turning off' and leaving us with dpdr.
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