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Hey guys! 20 year old male from Canada here. I’ve had depersonalization for about 4 years now. I have good periods and I also have really bad ones like recently. I took mushrooms and smoked weed and had a massive panic attack and thought I was dying and haven’t been the same ever since. My experience with dp/dr is I literally feel disconnected from the world around me, from my family and friends and from myself. The world seems so weird and disoriented like I literally feel cut off. I can’t recognize myself in the mirror and familiar surroundings seem so different. I don’t even feel human, like I feel like an alien or some shit. I also literally question fucking everything like how I got to earth and stupid things like “why is a dog a dog”. It drives me nuts. Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna get schizophrenia and get really anxious but I am still fully aware of my derealization / dissociation. I just feel like I’m loosing my mind and going crazy. I can’t think straight and I’m always zoned out in my own world. My memory is shit and I can’t remember anything I read. It’s scary as fuck. Can anyone of you relate to my symptoms?
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