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So I'll start by saying I believe I've had this for two months, after a long build up of stress from a lot of assorted things (virus, protests/riots down the street, relationship issues, being furloughed from work and being stuck at home) until one day, my girlfriend came home and we had an argument. I remember telling her that "this argument doesn't even feel real." I don't remember the rest of the evening. However, when I woke up the next day, I remember feeling weird. Hazy, fuzzy, a bit disoriented, somehow disconnected. It was so strange that I phoned a doctor immediately, to which he said I was having sinus issues. Things felt unreal, as if I was living in a dream. I was convinced I was going crazy. That feeling persisted for a while, and still does now.


I've noticed a disturbing trend, and this is what I want to see if anyone can relate. Sometimes, I can't tell if I feel completely normal, or so derealized out of my mind that I can't tell the difference. I also have this horrible fear that somehow "I've always been like this". If I think about things going on in a different room, it freaks me out. If I try to perceive the world outside of what I can see, for example the world outside of my bedroom, I get really freaked out because it doesn't feel real. Nothing does. Everything feels so strange, but at the same time everything looks exactly the same as I remember it. Also, as I write this, it is Tuesday evening. I was thinking about tomorrow and how it is going to be Wednesday, and for some reason, the concept of dates or days, or even time kind of freaks me out. Like I'll be thinking "okay in one hour I need to do this" and the concept of an hour, is weird and freaky. People seem completely unreal. My girlfriend could walk in the bedroom right now and it would seem like she doesn't really exist.

Anyway, I would really love if someone could give me some reassurance. I know that people are real and the world is real, but it feels completely the opposite right now and it's so scary
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