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Can anyone relate with my reading problems?

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Hii guys.... Since the very beginning, the foremost problem that i am dying with, is the problem with reading.... When I read, it seems that rather of being connected to the lines, I start analyzing the words and what I read runs in my head.... Forget the starting lines and what I read......after completing any story, I feel like whatever I have read, ran in my head and i watched a dream of that story in a blurry way not clear...... Whatever I read runs iny head just like I am watching in my head what I am reading.... Then I feel sleepy...... This also happens while watching movie, I can't focus on movies....

Everything is happening in front of me and i am watching everything but with dissociation.... That's why I can't totally focus on any discussion.... I only answer in yes .. Absolutely.. Ya... Hmmmm..

Memory loss is also common.... Eyes feel like it is getting sucked into my head.. I continuously try to move my eyes outward....

Plz help me to know whether it is dp/dr Or am I suffering from any other disorder.... Unreal dream like feeling stays with me 24/7......
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I had a psychiatric break around 2015 and couldn't focus enough to read a book. That inability lasted a few months. I had depersonalization and memories of my past were dreamlike. The memories either felt unreal or were disorienting as if I was being transported to a previous time. I also had some strange physical phenomena, much of which I probably forgot. What you're experiencing is strange, but it's important to try and calm yourself and forego self-analysis for a while. If you were calmer and not analyzing yourself you'd perhaps not be experiencing any of these problems. Some people on this site have depersonalization from physical issues but most haven't identified a physical cause unless you count marijuana. I'm not a doctor but I recall the most standard tests are blood tests for things like vitals, vitamins, and hormone levels. If you have good results and no other physical symptoms they might prescribe some rest and relaxation or refer you to a psychiatrist.
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