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I am an 18 year old kid with what i think best describes depersonalization. The first time I experienced this stupid sonofabeech dp/dr was when I was at work and I had been stressing out over a past relationship and for some reason or another, started having these thoughts pop into my head, mostly intrusive about the universe and everything to go along with it. I want to make it clear I DID NOT GET DP/DR FROM DRUGS WHATSOEVER lol. At first I was extremely anxious but talked myself into just chillin out and not thinking to much which worked for about 2 hours. It didn't help that this episode of extreme anxiety fell right before i was going on a volunteer weekend to host middle schooler at a camp for a weekend gettaway. The whole time at the camp I felt totally spaced out, weird and almost not present, which scared me so much. When i got home i knew something was wrong so I visited my doctor and he told me it was probably and aniexty disorder. Some of the things ive expierenced with DP/DR include: Overthinking life, overthinking my own speech, which throws it off, Obsessive thinking about is the world actually real and do i exist, Feeling out of my own body, talking to people and feeling like im not really talking but i know I am, Waking up and instantly start thinking about my symptoms, feeling like im watching the world through a tv screen and that my eyes are just like panes of glass, which sounds wierd but idgaflop, feeling like ive lost myself, thinking about my own perception of things and that mabey im living out of a phyce ward or something(at first) which i know is absurd justsoyaknow,intrusive bad thoughts, forgetfulness, trouble speaking, and of course, thinking that maybe my brain made up everything in life and that even the help blogs were just my brain creating it up, my brain is FOS sometimes. Ive felt all of the symptoms and im tierd of em, Ive been dealing with this now for around 3 months and I tell ya I went from being totally full of life, I was super outgoing (still am but ya know) and fully normal feeling, to not even being able to play ball hockey cause i felt so flopped! For serious I love ball hockey and it sucked a lot. I know peoples symptoms seem really bad and you may feel like "noone could possibly have any of the symptoms I do", but no symptom seems wierd to me. Some of the things i enjoyed a lot more before dp/dr were: Sports, music, adventuring, extreme sports, biking, skateboarding,snowboarding, ball hockey :/, and going to church ( kid you not i love church and i think its awesome), volunterring ect. I love it all but all this Dp/Dr Shenanigans its taking a toll on that stuff. Im gonna list some good news what you can do to get better below here and you choose which fits you best. Most of these helped me get even a bit better, like I said, for a while, ball hockey was out of the question. Ok lets do it:

1.) Get your rump to the gym- exercise helps improve brain function and shizz so get to it! It helped me so much and it will help you to. I go to the gym 5 days a week now and look forward to it.

2.) Try to think positively- Listen, when people first told me this I almost lost my cool! but really it is good to do, tell dp/dr to kick rocks and dont give up who you are, what you love, and what you do and totally switch mindsets. Ex "im just going to become a bodybuilder now", "Im going to give up on my religion because clearly i dont know what i want" ect. Trust me ive thought it all, but the best thing to think about is all the good stuff ya like and the good things about yourself.

3.) Do what you love to do in your spare time- I love friends, exercise, and all the things in the paragraph above, but dp/dr really made me distance myself from the things I really loved to do (still do sometimes), and the best things to do is to surround yourself with positive things, mabey such as all the things you love! :)

4.) Accept Dp/Dr- The worst thing i did was be proud of who i was to the point i didnt want to admit it. Accept the thoughts as just thoughts, and the feelings as just feelings and get on with what you are doing as best as possible.

5.) Avoid self built up stress- I procrastinate hella, and its not good, just adds stress, we dpers need less stress ya?

6.) Move forward- I was at a stall for a while, now im going to college (still procrastinating) but going to college, volunteering ect. Keep going :)

If you guys have have any input that would be awesome and if I can be praying for anything specifically send me a message, or if you want to share ideas im down and nothing, literally nothing seems weird to me (regarding symptoms). Lets tell DP/DR to beat it and there will be more posts to come. Message me for specifics! Im not one hundy percent cured or nothing, but ive got a positive outlook on things and am ready to take on DP/DR!
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