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can an AD poop out?

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Me again :p

I wonder if a antidep can poop out, can no longer fonction after a little while.

I took Paxil 3 months, then quit because of more DR, then went back on it because too much depression, but now, at 15 mg, I can't go up to 20 mg because I feel too much lost and I hate that, but I feel depressed and it doesn't seem to help depression and dp/dr at all. It seems, at first, it helped a bit.

Just a wonder,

Cyn xxx
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recommended use i don't know but

after my initial dp i stayed on prozac for a couple of years. i ended up abusing it. my partner at the time got prescriptions for me as well. i thought (idiot that i am) that it helped give me a good time when using rec drugs and with come downs(thank God i wasn't introduced to benzos at that time; 'jellies' hadn't arrived).

anyway i don't remember coming off prozac. after a while i'd moved back to my mums and was working in tax in an accountancy firm. it was a good job for me and i was working at the tax exams.

one day i was feeling depressed, i was drinking most evenings and missing my 'friends and partner'; so (as i had alot of prozac still) i took two. i don't remember but i might have taken another 1 or 2 in the morning before work as i was use to treating them like painkillers.

when in work dp just got stronger and stronger. i knew i was losing it from early on and so told the girl on the computer opposite me that i was feeling really sick. left work at luynchtime with severe panic and horrific dp and went to the gp. i still remember sitting in the waitiong room with all the plastc kids toys totally unable to cope.

the doc ( i told him i couldn't cope with these feelings) said that he recommended prozac! i told him again 'i can't exist ike this' but ended up going out with more prozac.

i didn't mean this to be so long but when(recently) i sank into dp/depression i told the gp(i live in a different country now) that i didn't want prozac cos i'd had a bad reaction to it he first prescribed me effexor. nightmare. then zoloft. nightmare. it might be cos i abused ssris. but i couldn't exist minute by minute without help OR with it. so i saw it through.

it's a few months later and my first weeks on zoloft were barbaric. dp/colours/dr/fear/trips full on. BUT i did carry on because i had no choice. i talked to dakotajoe on this website and he helped me. i know you don't like him because of benzos but i took benzos at that time to get onto zoloft because i couldn't have done it otherwise.

anyway i don't know if this has helped but, if i was you i'd forget about rashes(i mean so what) or any other PHYSICAL symptoms. you need to get your head sorted first(dr, fear, anxiety etc)and if it means going through pergatory for a few weeks to give you an ok life do it.

i really wish you the best
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