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I think that we DPers need to stop thinking of this thing as a "disorder" or an "illness" or any of the various other words with negative connotation.
No - it's not fun or light or anything like that - of course. But the more we think ourselves to be in some serious state of "breakdown" the more we continue to scare the c**p out of ourselves. "Oh great - I have a disorder! I thought maybe I was sick but NOW I guess I must really be BAD!" This is all anxiety based, let's face it. Anxiety is such
a widespread, common "condition" (isn't that better?) that it's no wonder we are,so many of us, all here. Sure there are tons of psychological reasons as to what triggers DP - all very valid and worth entertaining.
None of these reasons says that we are desperately ill people who will never lead a "normal" life again. Let's try a kinder, gentler and less creepy mindset to help take the edge off of this thing. It's bad enough all on it's own - let's not help it along!
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Wendy, I think you are very strong. Even though there is alot of work involved in being well please know that you are worth every moment you put into it. We are all worth the hard work. Yes we all have our own ideas and opinions and it is okay, it is what makes us all unique. One thing though that I truly believe is acceptance brings healing. Having this site here brings with it something very special and that is a group of wonderful caring people who help make life just a little bit better when living with what we live.

sc - I love the term "wacky" and often use it myself as, to me, it implies
something less ominous than some other terms I can think of. I also can't believe how much strength it takes sometimes just to get through each "normal" day; work,! And because most of the time we do not look "sick" no one suspects what is going on inside and how much it took for us to pull it all together and get it all done. Here's to all us "wacky" people forging ahead to better days..
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