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I think that we DPers need to stop thinking of this thing as a "disorder" or an "illness" or any of the various other words with negative connotation.
No - it's not fun or light or anything like that - of course. But the more we think ourselves to be in some serious state of "breakdown" the more we continue to scare the c**p out of ourselves. "Oh great - I have a disorder! I thought maybe I was sick but NOW I guess I must really be BAD!" This is all anxiety based, let's face it. Anxiety is such
a widespread, common "condition" (isn't that better?) that it's no wonder we are,so many of us, all here. Sure there are tons of psychological reasons as to what triggers DP - all very valid and worth entertaining.
None of these reasons says that we are desperately ill people who will never lead a "normal" life again. Let's try a kinder, gentler and less creepy mindset to help take the edge off of this thing. It's bad enough all on it's own - let's not help it along!
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I dont suffer anxiety so the BSB must be entirely self sufficient by now...
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