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Just wanted to share what I’ve been feeling lately dealing with aftermath of All this….if you’ve followed some of my posts you know I’m a shell of my former self…one positive thing remains though…stress does not phase me anymore…but is it a gift or curse?….I remember praying before bed not that long ago for the universe to unfuck my situation…well…not even a year later and my stress shuts off….anyways…woke up the other day and check my teeth and gums because I have weird bite…could see the craze lines and mild damage from grinding over the years…I realized I was having these doom and gloom thoughts about my teeth decaying but my system wasn’t reacting to my thoughts the way it would’ve before….a gift right?….u would think so….but that lack of stress has other implications that we do not think about…double edge fckn sword…anxiety and ocd had affected my breathing in a serious way before but I also had hormones etc. Keeping my feelings in check….in my state now I could be drowning and the urgency would not register…literally the most terrifying feeling if I could feel terror properly.
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